Benefits of E-Cigarettes

It’s important to say, before going any further, that there have been no final and conclusive tests on the safety of electronic cigarettes, when it comes to the impact on your health. Some governments, such as Canada’s, have taken action against the sale of e-cigarettes without conclusive evidence, and others have undertaken studies that are still underway. Independent researchers are still also investigating in depth.

But there can be no dispute that smoking tobacco cigarettes is hazardous to your health – and that e-cigs have eliminated the key components of smoking “regular” cigarettes. There’s no burning tobacco, you’re not inhaling carbon monoxide, tar or the other poisons known to be contained in cigarette smoke. Does that mean the risk of cancer or emphysema is gone when you use an electronic cigarette? As we say, there are no definitive tests just yet. But you can use your own intelligence to decide what the elimination of tar, carbon monoxide and the like would mean. And as for anecdotal evidence, nearly every e-cig user will tell you that they feel better and have lost their “smokers’ cough” soon after making the switch. Is that a benefit? We don’t care about definitive evidence – we think it’s a huge benefit.

What about using smokeless cigarettes in order to quit tobacco ones? No company advertises, or even suggests, that e-cigs can be used as a quit smoking aid. There’s been no indisputable proof for that. But if you look at what e-cigarettes do – allow you to choose how much nicotine you inhale into your system, anywhere from the level of a full-flavor tobacco cigarette, down to light, ultra-light or no nicotine – you can see what the possibilities could be. Again, anecdotally there are many stories of people weaning themselves down by using less and less nicotine as they “vape.”

On the practical side, there are obvious benefits to using electronic cigarettes. For example, you can use them nearly anywhere without bothering people. There’s no smell, no ashes, no butts, and most importantly, no second-hand smoke. You may not be able to use them on airplanes, but you probably won’t be stuck outside your house or office, huddled in the cold, either. Problems with children in the house or car, people with allergies or a sensitivity to smoke? They’re a thing of the past when you’re using an e-cig instead of smoking. You certainly can’t smoke while enjoying a drink these days; most reasonable places, though, shouldn’t have any objection to your e-cigarette.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to using e-cigarettes is cost. These days, it’ll be at least $5.00 if you want to buy a pack of cigarettes – often, much more than that depending on where you live. But the average price of a refill cartridge for your electronic cigarette is around a couple of bucks, and that’ll last you longer than a pack of cigarettes would. Cutting the price of smoking by 50-75%? That’s a good deal. And if you use refillable cartridges, the price of eliquid is even less. There are hidden cost benefits as well; if you just want a couple of quick drags, you either have to waste an entire cigarette or put up with the nasty taste when you relight it later. With e-cigs, you can easily just take the number of puffs you want and then put the device back in your pocket or purse without wasting cigarettes – or money.

The conclusive tests are still to come. But to our minds, the benefits of using electronic cigarettes are enormous, and they’re why we think the smart decision is to make the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes.