Buying Electronic Cigarettes

You can purchase e-cigarettes in two different ways. You can either buy them at your nearby convenience store (and we include in that category e-cig stores and vaping lounges, which we’ve seen in a few large cities), or you can buy them online. At first glance, it might seem easiest to purchase them at a nearby store. But there are several potential problems you could run into when you do that – it’s why we believe buying online is the best alternative.

Usually, local stores stock just a couple of electronic cigarette brands. And usually, they are lower-end brands, almost the same as buying generic tobacco cigarettes; the best e-cigarettes are pretty much for sale only on the internet. So the products you’ll get at the convenience store usually don’t match the online brands in terms of taste, vapor clouds or throat hit. You can also buy disposable ecigs at many local stories, but while that’s fine for testing the “idea” of an e-cigarette, it’s really not cost effective to vape that way.

Additionally, you can run into the problem of “mix and match” when you buy at the corner store. Most batteries and cartridges are not interchangeable. That means you pretty much always have to buy the same brand of refill cartridges in order to fit the batteries that you’ve bought; if you stop by a different store, chance are they won’t have the right refills for your electronic cigarette – and if your nearby store is out of the brand of cartridges that you started with, you’re just out of luck and will have to buy new batteries all over again.

That’s why we believe the best alternative is to purchase your ecigs over the internet. There’s a much greater selection, of course, and once you’ve settled on your electronic cigarette brand, you just have to reorder your carts a little while before you’re going to need them. It does take a little planning and isn’t quite as easy as running down to the corner store. But you’ll know that you won’t run out, and the companies make it as easy as possible to just reorder when you need to. Some even have an automatic delivery plan that you can subscribe to, so your new cartridges will just arrive at your home on a regular schedule that you can set, in advance. Another major advantage is that it’s a lot cheaper to buy online, both because the prices are lower overall, and because you save even more when you buy larger quantities.

There are a few other advantages to buying online: many companies have rewards or loyalty programs where you receive points for your purchases, and the points can be redeemed for merchandise. And some e-cigarette companies offer extras with your purchases, branded goodies or even free batteries with a decent sized order.

We’ve bought from a convenience store on occasion, when we’ve been stuck travelling on short notice and run out of cartridges, for example. It’s nice to have that option. But if you’re going to be a regular vaper – purchasing e-cigs online is by far the best alternative.