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Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke is a no nonsense option for electronic cigarette shoppers. Their taste is smooth and their price is low, with lots of choice in flavor and strength


Many of our top ranked e-cigarette brands come in boxes overflowing with all sorts of goodies. Bull Smoke doesn’t. What it does do, is provide a solid vaping experience for a very agreeable price. Many on our Smoking Obsession panel liked the taste and smoothness of this e-cigarette, specifically the American Ranger flavor (which is similar to a Marlboro). Those who favor strong throat hits weren’t as crazy about the smoothness, but were still favorably impressed.

There are two different Bull Smoke starter kits available for the same low price. The Ranch Hand that we tested came with ten cartridges, five of the American Rangers and five Turkish Tobacco, which are similar to the taste of a Camel. It also had two white batteries – one a short, manual and the other a long automatic, a USB charger plus a wall adapter. The other kit, the City Slicker, subsitutes black batteries and includes a sampler of all ten Bull Smoke flavored cartridges. Either one is just $29.95.

As mentioned, the draw on this ecig was smooth and it produced a good amount of vapor, although not quite as much as some other brands. The cartridge life was good, about a pack-and-a-quarter equivalent, and the battery charge was good, lasting about a little less than the carts. (Of course, the battery charge for the short battery wasn’t as long-lasting as that of the long battery, a reason that longer batteries are so popular.)

There’s a pretty good selection of flavors available from Bull Smoke: three tobacco (the two we’ve mentioned plus another that’s similar to a Parliament), menthol and peppermint, grape and cherry, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. They also are one of the few companies that offer extra strength, 24mg carts as well as the more standard 18mg, 12mg, 6mg (full flavor, light, ultra-light) and no nicotine options.

Again in keeping with the no-frills approach, there aren’t any Bull Smoke “fashion” batteries available, but there are four different color choices (the standard white, plus black, orange and silver) and three sizes (short, regular and long) with both manual and automatic options for each. It’s a utilitarian and smart selection. As for other options, there’s a car charger you can buy, as well as a pocket-sized personal charger. Finally, there’s a rewards program where you can earn points for future purchases.

It’s not a fancy product and there aren’t pages and pages of choices, but Bull Smoke provides a solid vaping experience with some good choices for a great price.


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