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Green Smoke

Price: Starter kits from $69.99-129.99.

Just edged out for the top ranking, Green Smoke gets our approval because of their big vapor clouds and powerful throat hits, plus by far the best flavor of any menthol ecigarette. They're a strong choice for non-menthol fans as well, and we strongly recommend them.


Green Smoke missed out on our top ranking by the slimmest of margins. Their vapor and throat hit was just as strong as V2; their menthol flavor was by far the best we’ve tried, but their tobacco flavors weren’t quite as good as the competition.

It was really tough making the final call on who got our best electronic cigarette review; our panel was actually split. The throat hit was the strongest of all the e-cig brands we tested, and the vapor was right up there with the best of them, with enormous exhaled clouds. It’s even possible to get a stronger hit from Green Smoke than many other competitors, since they offer extra strength 24mg cartridges as well as the more standard full flavor (18mg), light (12mg), ultra light (6mg) and no nicotine options.

We reviewed the Green Smoke pro kit; it came with two long batteries, a USB charger and AC adapter (with a more convenient design than many others we’ve seen), a car charger and a separate USB cigarette for vaping at your desk connected to your computer without the need to recharge. We found the batteries held their charge for an average amount of time, about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes; the cartridges lasted longer than that, closer to a pack-and-a-quarter or a little more.

As we’ve mentioned, the menthol flavor is a huge plus for Green Smoke; we’d definitely recommend it if you’re a menthol cigarette smoker. The tobacco flavors (three of them) weren’t quite as good as V2 but were on a level with most other brands. The rest of the lineup is quite good, although slightly limited in scope: chocolate, mocha and vanilla. Not a selection for those who love to try new flavors, but definitely satisfactory for those who find one or two flavors that they like and stick with them.

Green Smoke has gotten into the “designer” market as well, with a selection of eight different fashion batteries which match the color of the various cartridges. There’s a blue swirl to match the blue menthol battery, a brown pattern to match the chocolate cart, a paisley design that matches the red label tobacco flavor – you get the idea. Of course, you can always stick with the classic white batteries if you want your e-cigarette to look more like the “real thing.”

We don’t think anyone would be disappointed by choosing Green Smoke; their look, feel and taste is right up there with the best of the e-cig brands. And their longer-lasting cartridges make them a slightly better value than most of the others. If you’re looking for strength (because of their extra-strength cartridges) or menthol, it’s probably your best bet.

Use the code “disc10-26721” for a 10% discount on all Green Smoke purchases over $100, or “disc5-26721″ for a 5% discount on purchases under $100.


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