Amazing variety, flavors and styles


Premium Electronic Cigarettes

Price: Starter kits from $44.95 to $119.95.

A good smokeless cigarette with incredible variety: the most flavors, the most styles and designs, plus e-cigars and e-pipes. Mild throat hit and decent vapor clouds make this a solid choice for people looking for flavors and fun in an e-cig.


Our reviewers placed Premium Electronic on the rung below our top three choices, but were very impressed by the flavors, variety and breadth of the company’s ecig offerings – they even have e-pipes and e-cigars.

The first thing we noticed when checking out Premium was the fact that they have almost 20 flavors available in their cartridges – by far the largest selection we’ve seen when it comes to traditional two-piece electronic cigarettes. But that didn’t overshadow the fact that the ecig delivered a pleasant, smooth taste with a somewhat mild throat hit, the sweet spot for those who aren’t looking for a real punch when they vape.

We reviewed the PR111 Starter Kit from Premium Electronic, which comes with two 110mm batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger and AC adapter. The batteries and cartridges lasted right around average length, about a pack of cigarette’s worth apiece. There are a number of other starter kits available that are slightly different. And then there’s the Premium EGO, which is much larger (it doesn’t look like a traditional cigarette, more the size of a small cigar) and lasts four times as long as a regular electronic cigarette, with a manual switch and new technology to conserve battery length – it’s still compatible with regular Premium cartridges, however. It’s a good choice for those who are “heavy” smokers or vapers.

PEC offers a huge selection of flavors, as we’ve mentioned: tobacco and menthol of course, and the traditional flavored carts like chocolate, coffee and cherry, and lots of novelty flavors like watermelon, clove, caramel and apple – our personal favorites were blueberry and irish cream. They’re one of the only companies offering extra-strength carts (24mg) as well as the regular range of strengths from full flavor to no nicotine.

Premium is also big on the fashion angle, with more than two dozen colors and designs of batteries and cartridges – everything from green or brown camouflage to light-and-dark indigo, in addition to the more traditional white, black and silver. They also have special holiday style battteries, like snowflakes for winter, candy canes for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day – the list goes on. If you like to have fun with your e-cigarettes, this is the place to stock up.

Then there are the really different offerings: the electronic cigars and pipes which cost around the same as the Premium e-cigs. They resemble the “real” thing, but with a distinctive gold stripe around the end of the cigar, or a gold stripe on the stock and a gold bowl. They only come in one flavor, premium tobacco.

People who are into the style of their vaping or who love to try different flavors will do well by checking out Premium Electronic; the quality is as high as any of our other top choices and the vapor is mild and smooth – with all of the “fun” that comes with vareity in flavors and looks.

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