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Smoke Tip

Price: Starter kits $59.95.

A solid e-cigarette with a low price, SmokeTip gives you a good bang for the buck. Several of our testers actually preferred it to some of the higher-priced brands.


Most of the brands we review come with a justifiably “high” price tag – they’re still a lot less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, but aren’t exactly cheap. SmokeTip fills that void nicely. Their ecig has a pleasant taste and provides a good overall experience with flawless technical performance; vapor clouds are decent sized, and the throat hit is noticeable and relatively satisfying.

There aren’t a lot of hardware choices or accessories when you order SmokeTip, but then again, that’s not the primary selling point of the brand. First and foremost, the price of the starter kit is below that of most competitors, and that’s a pretty good argument in favor, for many people. We also need to note that several of our testers actually preferred SmokeTip over the higher-priced competition.

The starter kit contains two short batteries, five cartridges, and a USB charger with AC adapter. You can purchase longer batteries or a car charger on their site. There are four strengths of cartridges available, from full flavor through light, ultra-light and zero nicotine; their full flavor is only 16mg though, compared to 18mg from most other companies. The batteries lasted about average, as did the cartridges – perhaps the equivalent of a pack or a little more apiece.

The other category where SmokeTip doesn’t skimp is in flavors offered; they have nearly twenty different flavors of cartridges available, with two tobacco and two menthol varieties, as well as fruit and novelty flavors like chocolate, clove, grape and pineapple. We weren’t overwhelmed by the flavors, but they’re good – and like SmokeTip products overall, they do the job at a good price.

There are a couple of other things we should mention: SmokeTip sends along a free battery with every refill order of at least three ten-packs of cartridges, batteries can always be exchanged for new ones if necessary, and shipping is free.

SmokeTip may not be at the top of our electronic cigarette rankings, but we think it’s definitely worth a long look, if price is one of your prime considerations.


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