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South Beach Smoke

Price: Starter kits from $79.99 to $214.99.

Narrowly missing the top spot in our rankings, this electronic cigarette is the choice of numerous celebrities and for good reason, with great taste and good vapor clouds, along with solid quality and options.


Another e-cig that came close to nabbing our top ranking was South Beach Smoke, which you may be familiar with because many celebrities use it. We thought it was one of the best-tasting electronic cigarettes we’ve reviewed.

Our top two choices were based largely on their strong throat hit. South Beach Smoke has a milder, smoother feel when you inhale it; it may not be the preference of the majority of our tasting panel, but several members voted for South Beach as their favorite because of the smooth inhale. All of us liked the taste, which was pleasant and not overwhelming. The vapor clouds weren’t quite as big as they were with our top two choices, but they were still strong and looked like “real” smoke on the exhale.

We had the opportunity to review the Ultimate Starter Kit from South Beach Smoke which was one of the most complete kits we’ve seen. It included two batteries (one short, one long), a USB charger, a wall charger (not just an AC adapter to connect to the USB charger), a car charger, a small charging case that lets you charge batteries when away from home, a carrying case, plus a full complement of 15 cartridges. There are less-expensive kits available as well, without all the bells and whistles. We found that charging time was shorter than with most of the competition, and the cartridge and batteries lasted right around average for the brands we’ve tried.

As mentioned above, South Beach was one of the best tasting e-cigarettes we’ve used. Our favorites were menthol, vanilla and peach, but there are also three tobacco flavors, vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, pina colada and cherry. The cartridges come in five strength levels: 24mg (strong), 16mg (full flavor), 12mg (light), 6mg (ultra light) and no nicotine. They’ve also now switched to a made-in-the-USA eliquid in their cartridges.

One nice option offered by South Beach Smoke is an automatic delivery program, which lets you sit back and have your cartridges come at regular intervals without having to panic when you’re about to run out. Since it’s hard to find compatible cartridges for most ecigs, getting a reorder automatically can save the stress of running low and trying to get an order delivered when you need it. As we say, it’s optional. There’s also one of the best warranties on South Beach products, a lifetime warranty that we haven’t seen from many other companies.

While South Beach Smoke didn’t capture our top rating, it came very close – and if you prefer a smoother vape without a strong throat hit, it’s probably the brand you should consider first.

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