Innovative but Not Perfect


Urus Cigs

Price: Starter kits from $34.99 to $44.99.

The standard carrying case that comes with Urus Cigs may be the best thing about this ecig. The product itself was middle of the road, with some good flavors and pricing but a bit difficult to drag on while vaping.


There are lots of electronic cigarettes on the market, and very few of them stand out for any reason. We thought that Urus Cigs stood out for a very unusual reason – the case that contains the product. It’s a sturdy plastic shell, shaped like a hard pack of tobacco cigarettes although a bit slimmer and sleeker. Inside, there’s room for three cartridges, a battery and a USB charger. It’s convenient and clever, fits perfectly into a purse or shirt pocket, and we thought it was an innovation that other companies might do well to copy.

We sampled the standard starter kit, which comes with everything mentioned above, packed into the plastic case. There is also a premium starter kit available, which also includes an extra five cartridges and a wall charging adapter. The battery was a short one – the only option offered by Urus Cigs – and despite trying several different cartridges and two different batteries, we found that it was a little hard to draw on the e-cig while using it. It appeared to be an intermittent issue, but we couldn’t eliminate it completely and it was definitely worth mentioning. It’s too bad, because the taste of the Urus carts was pleasing, notably the cherry and the menthol flavors. Vapor clouds were moderate, and the throat hit was pretty good compared to most brands. Cartridges lasted a little longer than average, and battery life was right around average for a “shortie.”

One area where Urus Cigs falls a bit short is in variety and choices. There are just five flavors available: tobacco, menthol, coffee, apple, and cherry, and just three strengths to choose from: strong (what they call full flavor, 24mg), full flavor (what they call medium, 18 mg) and no nicotine; there are no light options. Batteries are only available in short white. The only other separate options are a car charging adapter and a wall adapter (if you haven’t received one in your starter kit). Disposable electronic cigarettes are also sold on their site. One thing we did like is that in addition to the standard five-pack of cartridges, you can buy a nicely packaged two-pack to sample a flavor or strength.

Overall, Urus has a few good things going for it as a moderately priced, middle of the road e-cigarette. We hope they can take care of the “easy draw” issue and add a few more flavors and options to their lineup.


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