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V2 Cigs

Price: Starter kits from $24.95 to $159.95.

The best taste, thick vapor clouds, strong throat hits and some terrific features make V2 our choice to top our ecig ratings. They're also at the front of the pack in coming up with new products and accessories, and have even lowered their prices recently. Our pick for #1.


Several e-cigarette brands are right at the top of our rankings; by the narrowest of margins, V2 Cigs has won out as our number one electronic cigarette. The reasons for our choice were vapor, throat hit and taste.

We find that the similaries between vaping and smoking are most often shown in the thickness of the vapor, and the throat hit (the feeling you get when you inhale). And V2 came out sparkling in both categories. We got perfect, thick exhales from their ecigs, and the hit on inhaling was just about right, not overpowering but definitely noticeable and satisfying. The sensation was intensified when using their optional manual battery, which lets you control how much you inhale with the push of an conveniently-placed button.

V2 offers a number of different starter kits; we tested the Ultimate Kit which came with three batteries – ours had one short (100mm) , one a little longer than a 100mm cigarette, and an extra long 140mm battery that holds a charge longer than any other we’ve tested, but you can choose which three sizes come with your kit. It also included a USB charger and AC adapter, a Power Cig that lets you connect to a USB port on your computer for vaping at your desk without the need to recharge a battery, and a very cool, small portable charging case that lets you charge your batteries while you’re out and about. We did find that the shorter V2 batteries needed to be recharged a bit more often than some of the competition, but it wasn’t a major inconvenience. The cartridges also lasted a bit less than some competitors as well, but still made it almost to the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

The designers at V2 Cigs have done a nice job providing different options when it comes to the look of your e-cigarette. The batteries come in white, black, chrome and a sleek-looking blue. Cartridges are different colors depending on their flavor, so you can get some interesting looking combinations that will definitely catch the eye. The 140mm extra long battery is also a look that could accent a woman’s vaping, as well.

There are five strengths available in V2 cartridges: 24mg (extra strength), 18mg (full flavor), 12mg (light), 6mg (ultra light) and no nicotine. They have a large variety of flavors on their menu with three different tobacco-flavored blends, three “fresh” flavors (menthol, peppermint and mint tea) plus chocolate, vanilla and coffee, cherry, grape and cola. A great feature of their carts is that they’re dated for freshness and have customized reports on your order so you can see the exact level and contents of your cartridges.

If you prefer to buy your own e-liquid and refill your cartridges (it’s not quite as easy as using a two-piece electronic cigarette, but it allows you to mix and match different flavors and it’s cheaper than buying pre-filled cartridges) they sell drip tips and a good selection of eliquid flavors.

To us, V2 Cigs was pretty much the complete package when it comes to ecigs, and they’ve earned our top ranking.

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