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Vapor Couture

Price: Starter kits from $99.95 to $149.95.

The first e-cigarette to hit the market specifically for women, slim and elegant with a somewhat light taste; it's from V2 Cigs, so the quality is high and the product is reliable even though it's new to the market.


The first electronic cigarette aimed solely at women, Vapor Couture, is a nice product on its own; the slim and feminine look is an added bonus for female vapers who want their ecig to look as good as it tastes.

It took many, many years for a marketing expert to come up with the idea of a cigarette aimed at women – and it’s common knowledge how successful Virginia Slims became. But it was only a few years after e-cigarettes came on the market before a similar product was created specifically for women, and our guess is that Vapor Couture will similarly be very successful. There’s no question, when you look at the product, what the goal is; it’s feminine from tip to filter. The ecig is thin, about the same diameter as a Virginia Slim, in fashion colors and designs to match. Even the tip of the battery is feminine and distinctive, as the faceted crystal tip glows in muted but very pretty colors.

We tested the deluxe starter kit. It comes with two batteries, ten cartridges and a USB charger with AC adapter. It also included a Vapor Couture clutch purse, with a mirror and of course areas to store your batteries and cartridges along with anything else a woman would carry when out for the evening. The vapor cloud was satisfactory, and the throat hit was quite mild – again, we would guess, designed specifically for a female taste. Battery charge and cartridges each lasted a little longer than a full pack of cigarettes, slightly above average for the brands we’ve reviewed.

While Vapor Couture is produced by V2 Cigs, the available flavors are different, again aimed at a female market. There are two tobacco flavors, fresh mint (a mix of menthol and mint), and passion fruit. The strengths available are the usual full flavor, light, ultra light and no nicotine, and in a nice touch, the cartridges can be purchased in packs of 5, 20 or 40. They have the same freshness-dating feature as their big brother. One thing to note is that the cartridges are slimmer than those that come with other brands, so you do have to be sure to purchase Vapor Couture carts to use with your batteries.

As for the feminine designs, there are four battery patterns/colors available: white with an subtle VC repeating logo, brushed platinum, rose gold and deep purple. You can mix or match the colors and patterns with the colors of the cartridges. There are also several fashion accessories you can purchase separately, including charm bracelets or lanyards to hold your e-cig.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but Vapor Couture is a well-made smokeless cigarette with nice taste and vapor, that is already finding its niche as the only brand made specifically for women. We’re biased, but we think they look feminine and attractive when using it.

Use the code “smokingsection15” for a 15% discount on all Vapor Couture starter kits. Use the code “smokingsection” for a 10% discount on all other Vapor Couture merchandise.


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